Sunday, January 31, 2010

ABC's of January

A for Addictions
Hi my name is Kate and I am a Twilight addict. Recently one of our movie channels added it to their lineup. I'm watched it a BUNCH since then. No, you don't understand...yesterday I saw it almost five times and I was busy all day! I had it on in the morning as I got ready, running in the background while I cleaned the house for guests. Watched it by choice to fill time before the guests got there and then saw it in the evening as the guests were heading out and my sister picked it. Then had it on as I settled in for the night in bed. It's an addiction! I do love the stories and I agree completely that the first movie may not have been cinematic genius, but more an awesome companion to the story. Anyway...I know the hubby is just dying to delete it from the TV, but the good news is that New Moon, the sequel comes out in March, I think, so I can change things up a bit. Is there where I should mention that for Christmas my sister gave me my very own Edward doll.

B for Blogs & Brunch
I'm proud to say I've done over three posts this month and promise to keep it up. I always try to avoid too many boring random thoughts, but ah well - if I'm boring, I apologize and hope that you will just pass by and come back for something more your cup of tea on round two. Resolutions are looking good, but I'll keep it up for those that care to read on!

For my new thing in January, I did two. My sister and I made and effort to do church and brunch and try someplace new. A great little hole in the wall diner in Villa Park. It was great food, good value (not so great service) but a good time nonetheless!

C for Crafty Day
My friends are awesome. We somehow work to find time to see one another in our crazy schedules. In an effort to create another reason to hang out we added a "crafty day" to the calendar this month. We had a great time yesterday and were super productive. There was card making and lots of it as well as an entire top side of a quilt finished - great job D!!

So as part two of new things in January - I present craft day #1. I realize that new things in January weren't as adventurous as some may have hoped not as outside the box, but I promise to do better. I'm making a running list of things for the other 11 months, but please keep sending the suggestions too!

So as the year keeps moving by I present the closing ABC's of January and look forward to the craziness that 2010 continues to bring...hoping for a lottery win or some phenomenal surprises to pair with my fabulous hubby, the wonder pup and great friends and family! Happy February!

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