Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cupcakes, cleaning and cocktails...

I'm officially the worst post-er to date! I've been off work for a week - an entire week. And guess how many times I've written!

Why, you may ask, have I not shared my bitter diatribes on job searching in an awful economy? Where is the detail on the trials and tribulations of deciding whether hanging with Olive on the couch requires a shower? Or better yet, what excitement lies in the kitchen beneath my recipe books and careful menu planning and grocery lists. Yet, even more concerning to the nation - what lies at the bottom of Hubby's closet as I clean out a year of clutter (okay that actually could be very entertaining...I'll keep you posted on that one).

No, I have not been kidnapped by wolves, nor buried by laundry - I've been resting. Sleeping, hurrying off to interviews, coffee meetings and of course, visiting my sister's new pad. And there is terrible news.

Between my sister's fabulous and stylish new apartment and her El stop...lies an amazing small, sweet bakery that produces unbelievably yummy cupcakes. Now they're not QUITE Sprinkles quality - which was incredible! Hubby and I visited there when we were in L.A. - I mean Oprah recommended it! How could we not?! But this tiny Chicago bakery is super good - they have a champagne cupcake. CHAMPAGNE!! I realize that anything with the nectar of gods is good, but really. This is just yummy and unlikely many locations not a gargantuan cupcake in size or price. Really about perfect!

Another recent discovery - almond-tini's. Amaretto and vodka, delicious - or I should say dericious (inside joke, sorry). Do not be confused though - not everyone can make this lovely cocktail... JUST amaretto and vodka, no other liquors needed. I haven't tried it out yet, but I'm guessing it's a two to one, respectiverly. Cheers!! Okay, well that's enough alcohol coated details...

Back I go to pound some pavement, clean the apartment and stamp up some new projects...and of course walk the lovely Olive, who by the way, is out cold next to me. Apparently having your "pack" home all weekend wears a gal out!