Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blood Loss

Nope, nothing exciting like vampires or medical trauma. Nope - good ol' fashioned blood loss through...wait for it...mosquitos. I was outside for a whopping ten minutes and I have eleven mosquito bites. That's more than one a minute! How completely absurd.

I mean really, why do mosquitos even need to exist? They spread disease, not to mention misery to millions each year. Truly, when God and even Noah were making the big decisions on what stays and goes, how did mosquitos beat out the unicorn.

How did that conversation go?
So, you think we should take the beautiful, graceful creature with the unique horn? This animal can provide transportation.
Okay, how about that small buzzing, annoying, bloodsucking pest that could infect dozens of animals and people with disease? They also release a chemical that causes irritation and large, raised, unattractive bumps.
Definitely. Gotta take that one. In fact grab two so they can reproduce - a lot.

On another bloodsucking note - if you didn't know this already. Twilight is amazing. I recently re-watched the movie and was reminded what a great story it is. Highly recommend! Had to throw in a minor vampire reference if talking about blood, right?

So on that warm and fuzzy feeling - good night to all - watch out for mosquitos!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bad Blogger and Bad Mom!

Bad new blogger! A whole month without a post! Eep. Sorry to anyone that was looking (not sure there was many of those).

A crazy couple of weeks with work and everything. But we're almost halfway through the year. I can't wait for that milestone. It also marks my six month anniversary with the new gig. Looking forward to that too. So thank you for your patience on my blog faux pas.

I had one big goal last night...My sweet Olive needed a bath tonight. Picture this - two full grown adults and one wet dog. Two competent, educated adults...soaking wet and covered in fresh scratches! But we now have one fully, fluffy puppy. Mission accomplished. We keep telling each other that she'll get used to it each time. Promises, promises.

However, I have to admit, she now has a bald spot...and it's my fault. In a fit of laughter and cuddle with Olive time, I laughed out a piece of gum. Into her fur. I'm a horrible puppy mother. I supposed I could force the blame to Hubby as he did cause the laughter. I was able to keep her still long enough to trim out the offending item. And then collapsed into laughter. Ah well. So take it from me kids - gum and puppies do not mix.

Our beloved puppy continues to prove her absolute worth as a paper shredder. The ultimate feat is that she has discovered the roll of toilet paper will in fact unroll if pulled on and streamed into other rooms. The best is Olive amidst a cloud of toilet paper, gazing doe-eyed up at you with paper hanging from her lip. Of course, it wasn't her fault.

Moving on...I'm so "that person". We've purchased a car-seat for Olive. She prefers to ride in the driver's seat. I.e: IN MY LAP...this has proved challenging for a number of reasons, not to mention incredibly unsafe. We're going to try it out this weekend and she doesn't love it so far, but I think it will be great.

And lastly, my husband is awesome. Hubby bought me a new camera. My old camera blew the flash! Remember those old camera's with the five flashes stacked up that were one use only? Yup, it was just like one of those! Not very useful for most shots. So off to photo taking, busy days and Puppy car trips. What an exciting life I lead.