Saturday, April 23, 2011


5lbs. 12 oz - way to go Maddie!
So many recently... it's incredible how your gauges change though.  You go from standards such as the number of bars to visit in a night at college or even more important, to some, grades and tests.  Then it's on to your career - the right job, the right pay and promotions.  Finding the right mate - number of dates, when to move forward, etc.

We followed the standard formula.  But boy did our milestones change - we went from a great couple to a little family.  Our biggest milestone...

First baby - we are so blessed and honored to have a little one in our lives.  And she has achieved so many milestones of her own so quickly.  I know everyone says it goes fast, but BOY they aren't kidding.  How is she already a month old?  How has she already gained two pounds? We were so happy with this milestone this month.  Every day she changes and morphs and grows into more of a little person - herself.  Getting to know her personality is amazing.

I don't want to miss a single second and I'm sure that 20+ years from now, I'll still be trying to catch my breath from now and she'll be a grown woman then.  Milestones - please slow down, we want to see every second and cherish all the steps along the way. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Giggly and lovely
It's all true.  All those stories of the instant love and adoration for your child.  It's all very true.  We were blessed with our little bundle at the end of last month.  Although it certainly was not how we expected her to arrive, I am happy to report that everyone is happy and healthy.  Now to adjust accordingly to all absence of long stretches of sleep, a schedule of any sort and the addition of the cutest face ever.