Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Defining Moments

Do you know them when they happen?

September was quite a month for our little family.  First I threw my back out.  Not a fun experience, and especially not fun when your 6 month old little one would like some attention and the best you have is to roll around to try to wiggle to her. Yuck...then our peanut came down with her first cold, which turned into an ear infection - which she shared and gave me a sinus infection.  All is well, we're all on the mend and doing great.

BUT...we decided to round out September with a car accident.  Hooray.  A young man turned in front of me on a green light and *crash*.  Fortunately it was just me in the car and I'm doing okay...sore as heck though.  Now the funny parts begin.

As I'm sitting in the car, unable to exit due to the large van blocking my door, I'm trying not to laugh at the ridiculousness of the month.  The firemen are asking me calmly if I'm hurt as I'm starting to tear up since my back has just started to feel better.  I'm okay enough to get out and wait to figure out the next steps.  Now the awesome (seriously awesome firemen and EMTs from Lombard - awesome) emergency staff begins to do their thing.  One tells me on the side to grab everything I can because you never know what happens in a tow lot.  So we start bagging things up - thank you very much for keeping reusable grocery bags in the car for just such an occasion.  Did you know the amount of crap in your car at this exact moment?  Not to mention the influx of things since the baby, but just stuff in your car? 

Suddenly there is a pile of my belongings on the side of the road. Seriously people, I'm not homeless. I don't live in my car and yes, the orange basket/seat is a car seat for the dog.  So stroller, three stuffed bags, car seat, dog seat, blankets and a random pair of shoes (that's where they were!) later I'm on the side of the road waiting for my husband to ride in on his shiny silver car.  Of course, there is traffic - now an hour out and the heavens are darkening a very kind officer asks if I want to load into her car and she can take me to the police station.  Since I would prefer not to spend the afternoon playing a drenched homeless person in the streets of Lombard, I thank her and we begin to load up.  Just in time for the big rain drops as we head off to the police station.

Mind you - I'd never been in the back of a police car before this day.  Now I can check that off the bucket list.  The second officer that had all the reports came for my signature and said that he was sorry it was rather tight in the back and not more comfortable.  Yes, sir...because I know when they designed the car, they had the comfort of the back seat passengers in mind.  But seriously, if you're a large person - don't get arrested, you'll end up with seriously squished knees. 

But what about the peanut?  The day care closes soon and the hubs is caught in traffic.  Do I or don't I?  So I ask - would it be possible to stop for the baby?  Lovely officer says sure, it's on the way anyway.

So yes folks, my daughter has had her first ride in a police car too.  I can only imagine what the other parents thought as a police car pulled up, let a woman out of the backseat that then walked into their child's day care.  I may die of embarrassment.  I was happy to provide the day care staff with an excellent moment of hilarity as they realized the police car would be transporting a child and parent, but ah well. 

Little peanut and I were all settled securely in the back and on our way to the police station. Yup, Mom with car seat and all.  I then informed the little one that this is to be her only ride, EVER, in a police car.  Hopefully this will not become a defining moment that leads her to a life of crime.  Nonetheless, we arrived at the station unloaded all the stuff and waited for my silver knight. 

I'm glad September is over as we had many moments of interesting experiences, stress, but of course many moments of laughter and happiness.  Welcome October - may you carry many moments of your own!