Monday, August 10, 2009

Im-PRESS-ed with a challenge

Deciding I didn't have enough to do with my free time...I decided to start a side-business. Yup, I've joined the masses of Pampered Chef, tupperware and MaryKay people as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

I am completely 100% geeked out about this (which therefore increases my geek-ability factor). I've loved their products for a while and used a BUNCH of them when making many of our wedding DIY projects. So why the heck not! Feel free to visit the page for details. So as I press down on the adorable stamp to craft my next project, I am impressed with the absolutely insanity that led me to believe I could take on one more thing.

Ah long as I can keep Olive from eating the paper, it should be fantastic. Why in the world do dogs like to eat paper anyway? And where do they get it from?

I can clean up every tiny little piece of paper from the floor, put the garbage cans up and be sure we're all set and sure enough 30 minutes later Olive in innocently surrounded by shreds of what was once a piece of paper, tissue or bathroom paper. I think it comes out her ears sometimes!