Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember Thirsty Thursdays?

As I was sitting here, buried under piles of work and things to do, it occurs to me that just a few years ago Thursdays were very, very different.

Thursday was the beginning of the weekend.  The start of the reason for the week...the weekend.  Preceded by light classes on Friday and sitting out in the Quad in the middle of the day, which may be just the best feeling.

But first - there was Thursday night.  Cactus, Piano Bar and thirsty Thursdays!  When you and four of your closest friends could go out, get into the bar, have a great time, drink throughout the night and spend a grand total of $6.00.  Remember $0.10 beers anyone?  *sigh*

My world is definitely still full of small pleasures, but there's something about the Thursday afternoons that make me miss college.  So "raise your glass" and have a great weekend - I say start this one early!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 In Review

Quite the year.  My first first adult period of not first very ambitious list of New Year's resolutions and, of course, our first pregnancy. 

To review in reverse...
So exciting.  Things are moving right along and we're only a few months away from meeting our little bundle.  Our families have been wonderful and supportive and we're looking forward to all the fun gatherings that lie ahead.  The best Christmas present ever, our little one started kicking me on Christmas Eve morning.

New Year's Resolutions 2010
1) Post to this fabulous blog at least 3 times per month - obvious fail.  My apologies.  This year, no goal of # of posts, but I will be making an effort to continue to post and I'm sure it will grow as I have new anxieties and all that comes with being a new mom. 
2) Find great new job - perhaps not lifelong career, but a great job that will allow for work/life balance. Also, continue to focus on Stampin' Up! business to meet quarterly goals. - Woohoo! Great new job, things are busy but going well and it's a much better fit of work/life balance.  My mini SU business is going fine, but I'm always looking for more business...
3) Exercise (in some shape or form, Wii counts if I sweat and burn calories!!) 3 times per week. Epic fail - definitely moving more, but did not make the 3 times per week goal. 
4) Put a new focus on mental/spiritual health. Finding the right church? Theraputic journaling, whatever. Make me a better me! - Not bad.  Still tons of room for growth, but coming along.
5) Organize photos/scrapbook/memory stuff. Work on scrapbooks and photos in SmugMug. - Also ongoing, but doing much better!
6) Remember family and friends birthdays and anniversaries and send cards. - accomplished.
7) Read all 12 book club books on time! - accomplished!! (Okay, not one of them, but it was awful so that doesn't count.)
8) Travel to at least two new places that I've never been to (or don't remember because I was there before memories) - One for sure - the Ultrasound room of the hospital to meet our little bundle!
9) Try one new thing per month - a new food, new experience, new restaurant, etc. Suggestions welcome! - about 1/2 and 1/2.  Definitely something I want to keep up with this year.  New experiences are always fun!
10) Share reminders of love with those most important to me - Hubby, parents, sister, friends. Remind those that I love how very special they are! - I think so, but I'm certain I could do more too.

Time Off
Exciting and lots of cuddle time with Olive.  So grateful for a fantastic husband that was supportive of me and there for me...and the result, a good new job and a happier me!  Hooray!

The Blog
Here we are... continuing to post and hopefully you're continuing to read. 

Here's to happy reading and a very exciting year ahead!