Sunday, May 10, 2009

How many?

So all joking aside, this is what I followed to work one day this past week. It made me giggle and picture that little cartoon owl crunching down on a yummy tootsie pop and decide that three was the magic number. I've always heard that if you bit on a hard candy before it's all soft and ready to be crunched, it means you're a very type A personality. So what does it say about my personality if I follow a truck full of them with no further incident for over 15 minutes?!

I have a huge family. Not as big as some of course, but on one side I have something like 27 first cousins. That's a lot of people! So when we have a family get-together and our two bedroom apartment becomes the locale, you can imagine my slight concern that folks would be hanging from the balcony and police would be at the door demanding silence. Alas, no such excitement. Twenty attendees fit wonderfully in our home and we all had a good time. Lots of laughs, food and even a few bottles of wine. And at the end of the day a new friend for me, I think.

Nope, not the number of days until God created the world, although that is true and my congrats and appreciation! A minor ailment has plagued me since Tuesday - this has resulted in a call to the Dr., a prescription, a visit to the emergency room, another call to the Dr., an office appt. and two prescrptions... Apparently I'll be cured by Tuesday. At least I'm not part of the media and medical world craze of swine flu, right. Thank goodness for small favors.

And one great Mom, that I want to wish Happy Mother's Day to! Thank you for being an awesome Mom, always providing the essentials and so, so much more. For being a great mentor, leader and above all my friend! Love!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

High heels and happiness

A great night! The event was a great success. The team did an amazing job. Completely seemless for our guests! And I think we broke a fundraising record for the event!!

My feet may never recover. I didn't even wear the high heels. I wore the wedge heels. Those are supposed to be better, right? Hubby always teases that they are meant to be torture devices and that he doesn't understand why women wear them...but nonetheless we do. And surprisingly enough after ten hours in them my feet hurt even the next day. But my legs looked better than they would have in flats!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dawn of a new Kate

Professionally: first event as a team "manager" and not the direct planner. It's a different experience. To be part of the moving pieces and machine, but not the cog. I'm incredibly proud of the amazing work the events team has done and can't wait to see it all in action tomorrow. Just a new and different moment today being the one to sit back in the office and still be busy (of course) and helping with various pieces, but not the main point. Regardless, my team rules and the event will be a great night for all.

Personally: I'm that person. The person that treats their dog like a child. Hubby called me earlier today worried about needing to board our sweet pup since we'll be gone all evening - gasp! Yup, a night out without the pup!! I've decided that the dear pup can brave the horrors and ravages of her crate for the night. What with the awful cuddly pink bunny and terrifying sounds of her ticking clock and oh - horror of horrors, treats!
We'll just keep her out more during the day and give her a bunch of extra love. Hopefully the puppy Gods will forgive me!

For those that haven't seen, here's a picture of the doll! Her Easter haircut! There were two bows, but one didn't survive the quick walk home. (The other didn't make it much past this photo either!)