Thursday, July 23, 2009

To post or not to post?

That is the life-long question. Our world is now so virtual, so immediate - what do we share that isn't already out there in some way?

I've been home sick for three days with an awful flu bug...not fun. I certainly haven't taken sick days, let alone multiple sick days like this in years. Probably not since my neck surgery. To be forced home by exhaustion and fever and to not be able to do things - laundry, clean, bills, etc. is EXTREMELY frustrating. I've never been one to lay around and do nothing. Relaxing isn't my specialty. Planning, cleaning, organizing - now those things I have in spades. And even my sick days, they aren't 100% do nothing - they're check email, voicemail throughout the day. Keep up on details, walk the dog, etc.

Are there people out there that can honestly admit to doing nothing at all? It's an art I'd like to learn a little better...relaxing is good for the soul. Or as someone told me today, guilt over being home is for pansies...and I am not a pansy. (Which made me giggle, because I then immediately envisioned King Julian discussing the "bunch of pansies" - which will only be funny to those of you that know and have seen the movie Madagascar. A funny one and must see in my opinion!)

Take smart phones - I recently gave in to the world and purchased a smart phone that allows me to see email and my calendar by phone. It's awesome, most of the time...but it either rings or vibrates (depending on your settings) whenever you get an email. When you have colleagues or friends that send early morning or late night emails, you can imagine how "interesting" this could be. Yet another piece of figuring out how to balance work and personal life, right?

So if you're not to feel guilty about taking personal time, but the immediacy and virtual world demands that you're always connected - is there a balance of the two? I'd welcome comments on how to achieve this - I certainly haven't figured it out yet!

On a side note...Olive has been great company as I've been home. A perfect cuddle bug!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks and fireflies

Do you think people are like fireworks?

Some are just plain loud and obnoxious and really serve no purpose at all while some are beautiful, colorful and full of sparkle. Some are shapes, smiley faces and hearts...some are squeal and scream and the best ones shimmer softly and make you smile.

This is the very first year that I did not see one firework. The weather was terribly dreary and there were no displays to be seen. The one firework or two we passed on the road, I missed seeing in person. I adore fireworks. I have very happy memories of family members teasing okay you say ooh, you say ahh, and we'll say ooooh! Friends have flocked to various fests and hillsides to douse ourselves in bug-repellent to walk home full of bites and itches but happily chatting away about which ones we liked best.

This made me think - I haven't seen one firefly this year either? I'm sure they're out there. I'm sure they're not extinct...but where are they?

Is the world so desperately devoid of sparkle? Between fireflies and fireworks, what brings the shimmer to July?

I'll be left to see the sparkly reds and blues in the faces of the neighbor with the cute dog, the smiley face in my puppy, the colleague full of sparkle, my friends that are beautiful and colorful and that special guy that is most definitely the slow shimmer that makes me smile.

Happy Independance Day to all! Thank you to the men and women that make it possible for all of us to enjoy these freedoms.