Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Time Wanted

I heard on the radio today that folks are not blogging as much. That in our crazy split second world that we are too trained in immediate response now for the patience to read a blog.  Twitter, Facebook and others do much better because it's quicker, more immediate, more split second.

Two observations:
 1) This implies that folks are way, way, way more put together than me and actually find time TO blog.  Which I try to do, which I think about doing and have at least five ideas that I need to sit down and write and should be writing now, instead I'm ranting about time.

2) Really?!  Are we really so impatient that reading 4-5 paragraphs about something is too much?

I've discovered a number of fantastic bloggers since becoming a mom. I love hearing about their trials, successes, worries, concerns and (often) hysterical lives.  I feel a kinship with these women that I don't know and will likely never meet. I enjoy the two minutes I find either in the car (only as a passenger), in the bathroom (I know, gross) or in between the putting to sleep of baby and can't possibly keep my eyes open any longer moments for me.  Many of these great writers also tweet and I enjoy those as well.  When I'm stuck at one of the FOUR trains on my way to work, I will glance through a few tweets for a chuckle or to see a funny series of messages between some of my favorite folks. 

Does this use of Twitter really make me unable to be patient in line at the store?  Or be kind enough to let someone pass on the road?  I don't think so, but maybe I'm just being naive.

Regardless, I wish for more moments to read about others and to find those invisible bonds with women in similar situations.  However, I suppose the reason I don't blog is I'm busy snuggling my little one, playing on the floor, folding laundry, figuring out what to feed everyone and hoping for 10 minutes of TV or reading to myself.  I love every second, but more would be nice. 

P.S. I realize I am the worst blogger ever. I'm sorry. Honest. But who has more time?!