Friday, May 1, 2009

Dawn of a new Kate

Professionally: first event as a team "manager" and not the direct planner. It's a different experience. To be part of the moving pieces and machine, but not the cog. I'm incredibly proud of the amazing work the events team has done and can't wait to see it all in action tomorrow. Just a new and different moment today being the one to sit back in the office and still be busy (of course) and helping with various pieces, but not the main point. Regardless, my team rules and the event will be a great night for all.

Personally: I'm that person. The person that treats their dog like a child. Hubby called me earlier today worried about needing to board our sweet pup since we'll be gone all evening - gasp! Yup, a night out without the pup!! I've decided that the dear pup can brave the horrors and ravages of her crate for the night. What with the awful cuddly pink bunny and terrifying sounds of her ticking clock and oh - horror of horrors, treats!
We'll just keep her out more during the day and give her a bunch of extra love. Hopefully the puppy Gods will forgive me!

For those that haven't seen, here's a picture of the doll! Her Easter haircut! There were two bows, but one didn't survive the quick walk home. (The other didn't make it much past this photo either!)

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