Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember Thirsty Thursdays?

As I was sitting here, buried under piles of work and things to do, it occurs to me that just a few years ago Thursdays were very, very different.

Thursday was the beginning of the weekend.  The start of the reason for the week...the weekend.  Preceded by light classes on Friday and sitting out in the Quad in the middle of the day, which may be just the best feeling.

But first - there was Thursday night.  Cactus, Piano Bar and thirsty Thursdays!  When you and four of your closest friends could go out, get into the bar, have a great time, drink throughout the night and spend a grand total of $6.00.  Remember $0.10 beers anyone?  *sigh*

My world is definitely still full of small pleasures, but there's something about the Thursday afternoons that make me miss college.  So "raise your glass" and have a great weekend - I say start this one early!

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