Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blood Loss

Nope, nothing exciting like vampires or medical trauma. Nope - good ol' fashioned blood loss through...wait for it...mosquitos. I was outside for a whopping ten minutes and I have eleven mosquito bites. That's more than one a minute! How completely absurd.

I mean really, why do mosquitos even need to exist? They spread disease, not to mention misery to millions each year. Truly, when God and even Noah were making the big decisions on what stays and goes, how did mosquitos beat out the unicorn.

How did that conversation go?
So, you think we should take the beautiful, graceful creature with the unique horn? This animal can provide transportation.
Okay, how about that small buzzing, annoying, bloodsucking pest that could infect dozens of animals and people with disease? They also release a chemical that causes irritation and large, raised, unattractive bumps.
Definitely. Gotta take that one. In fact grab two so they can reproduce - a lot.

On another bloodsucking note - if you didn't know this already. Twilight is amazing. I recently re-watched the movie and was reminded what a great story it is. Highly recommend! Had to throw in a minor vampire reference if talking about blood, right?

So on that warm and fuzzy feeling - good night to all - watch out for mosquitos!

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