Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

And what a year 2009 has been! The hubby and I spent the night together enjoying a fun time in downtown Elmhurst celebrating a year of absolute craziness. The addition of Olive to our family in February, the consistent hectic life of my former job, lots of travel for Sam and happy and sad times with friends and family throughout 2009.

Now on to 2010! Last night, among many glasses of wine, champagne and yummy treats, I decided to make a very ambitious list of resolutions. (And I expect all of you to remind me of these if I stray too far!) Hubby claimed he didn't need to make any since he was perfect, enough said.

Kate's resolutions for 2010 (these are in no particular order)
1) Post to this fabulous blog at least 3 times per month
2) Find great new job - perhaps not lifelong career, but a great job that will allow for work/life balance. Also, continue to focus on Stampin' Up! business to meet quarterly goals.
3) Exercise (in some shape or form, Wii counts if I sweat and burn calories!!) 3 times per week.
4) Put a new focus on mental/spiritual health. Finding the right church? Theraputic journaling, whatever. Make me a better me!
5) Organize photos/scrapbook/memory stuff. Work on scrapbooks and photos in SmugMug.
6) Remember family and friends birthdays and anniversaries and send cards.
7) Read all 12 book club books on time!
8) Travel to at least two new places that I've never been to (or don't remember because I was there before memories)
9) Try one new thing per month - a new food, new experience, new restaurant, etc. Suggestions welcome!
10) Share reminders of love with those most important to me - Hubby, parents, sister, friends. Remind those that I love how very special they are!

Good luck with all your resolutions, if you made them, and all the best for a fantastic 2010!


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  1. Better get on posting again for this month if you want to make 3 posts :)
    Miss you guys!