Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baking Blunder(s)

I consider myself to be an okay cook. Not a great cook, but good. I can provide meals for myself and my family without poisoning anyone or creating anything inedible too often.

Yesterday was no exception to this - I had a good friend over and the three of dined on steaks, double-baked potatoes, green beans and salad. As a special treat, I thought I would make my first attempt at a Boston-creme pie/cake, much like my Mom would make for my Dad on his birthday - one of his favorites. I knew I'd be making a couple "edits" to the cake to make it suit our needs.

So in my domestic bliss, I baked two 9" round butter yellow cakes in the oven. While those cooked, I made the banana pudding and placed in the fridge to harden. I milked the frosting recipe out of my sister - for her FAMOUS frosting with cocoa added. With all three ingredients assembled. I placed the frosting aside and the cakes on a cooling rack awaiting assembly.

Picture this - pristine cake stand, the first cake is carefully placed in the center. Banana pudding is layered onto the cake in a thin layer, predominantly in the center given that the second cake will force it to spread out. Cake number two is placed on top. A little bit of smoothing with the frosting knife and we're set to frost. Chocolate frosting layered on top. However, the cake is now sliding slightly to the left. A quick prod with the knife and we're all set, continue frosting. But, now we're leaning to the right. Some smoothing with the knife to frost the sides and make it all look nice.

Well, it didn't look nice. All of a sudden the pudding and frosting are mixing on the sides and it's sliding pretty quickly to the side. I placed three extra long drink toothpicks in to try to keep things together. Until we were ready to eat, I put it all in the fridge.

It didn't look nice, but it sure tasted good. So for storage, there was NO way it would go into the cake keeper, instead, we split things up into tupperware and have now named it Smush Cake.

Ah well, there's always brownies!

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  1. It was really good even if it did look, well, silly. =) Thank you for making me dinner and cake! Love, D