Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time with Tissues

I have a cold. A no good, very bad cold. So I have spent a LOT of time with tissues today and this past weekend. However, I have nothing on our puppy. In the fifteen minutes it took me to shower today Olive decimated an entire fresh box of Kleenex. Yup, tissues streaming from one end of the front room to the other. I mean seriously?! The best part is her innocent act. I come out of the bedroom and Olive is no where to be found. Mysterious. Then I notice the small trail of paper shreds from the doorway to under the bed and there - there I find the offending beast. A small mountain of tissue under the bed along with her. And to top it all off, she looks right at me and cocks her head to the side with a piece of tissue hanging out of her mouth. But honest, she didn't do it.

So I scoop her up and clean up the paper and leave the bedroom and then the true mess. I look at her and she literally hung her head and looked away. Hysterical. At least she shows some remorse.

A resolutions update...
1) This is post #2 this month!
2) Still working on it!
3) Every day since January 4th!
4) I've attended the same church two weeks in a row. So far so good. And a side story. My lovely sister accompanied me to church this week. We totally enjoyed the AWESOME job the choir was doing with the great song "Wade in the Water" and then "Taste and See". And then, she's giggling next to me, she turns and asks, "What are they saying?"
I reply "Taste and See."
The giggling resumes and she says, "Oh, I thought they were saying 'Tasty'." I was without words. But I did giggle quite a bit. We're all going to hell.
5) I've gotten all the holiday SmugMug photos organized into galleries and setup. Feel free to enjoy at www.kate-sam.smugmug.com.
6) Working on finishing up those to send out this month.
7) Already read January's book and excited to see the gals on Thursday.
8) Still trying to figure out where to head this year...Ideas welcome!
9) Still working on this too. Ideas welcome for the January first!! Great Chicago restaurant? Other suggestions...
10) Everyday and every way I can think of!

So between a massive increase in tissue use and the discussion of a "tasty" deity, it's been a great start to the month, but an interesting week.

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