Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rings of Shame

Who doesn't love changing out the shower curtain and/or liner?

This girl.
It has always been one of my least favorite things, but a girls gotta do right?

One evening our liner was particularly eewie. As we preparing for the nightly bath process with the little one, I thought, "Why not? It'll be quick." (Insert ominous music here.)

The offending rings.
I attempted to open ring one. Nope. Ring two, nope. Now, I am fully aware that my upper body strength may be....lacking, but there was no pulling these suckers open.

Hubbs was nearby and saw my struggles. With puffed out chest and all his cowboy swagger, he entered the bathroom with a drawl stating, "Step aside little lady." I believe if he'd had a hat, it would have been tipped.

Ring one....nope.

As the perspiration began beading on his brow, the rings refused to budge. Hubbs stalked out of the bathroom mumbling about tools.

At this point I put the little one in the tub and began the bath time process, complete with soapy hair horns and sudsy tickles. Once we entered the 'swim like a fishy' phase Hubbs arrived with an assortment of pliers, screwdrivers and whatnot.

As he moved through his arsenal the rings chuckled and tittered, but did not open. Then suddenly with a snap and crack white plastic went flying and I believe some colorful words were uttered. The little one picked up a crescent shaped piece, handed it to me and said, "Oh no." At that point Hubbs exited the bathroom, we wrapped up bath and bedtime leaving the fresh and un-hung liner in the bathroom folded in a corner.

The next morning I jumped in the shower. As I was showering I glanced up at the stubborn rings. Pulled at ring two and....nope. (Remember that ring one was gone.) But then, I looked...a small opening on one side of the ring. I gingerly grasped the ring and pulled in separate directions, sliding the ring apart.

Click, open.

When Hubbs came to see what excitement was causing howls of laughter at 6:00 a.m. I explained what happened. I believe there may have been more curse words.

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