Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Powdered Mommy

Dear Manufacturer of Children's Hand Print Kits;

Thank you for producing lovely kits that allow organized parents to create cherished memories of their little one's childhood. To commemorate a moment in time with your child is truly priceless.  Although your products allow these mementos to be created, I would like to request a re-evaluation of your packaging.

This past weekend, I was upstairs sorting laundry and preparing it for washing. My husband was downstairs with my daughter (I thought).  Nonetheless, the little one was scavenging about the house for mischief...

The little one asks sweetly if she can sit on the couch and play for a bit. Dad, of course, says yes and he continues to tidy up the kitchen.  As I was finishing upstairs, I suddenly hear a call.  "Little one, what happened?  Is that flour?  How did you get flour?  I, um...what happened?  Mom?  We need help."

Oh boy.

My little angel is sitting on the couch covered from belly to toe not in flour, but in Plaster of Paris. I have no idea how, but she found one of your fantastic hand print kits (which I'm fairly certain was upstairs, in my office, in a very heavy and hard to open drawer, but I digress).  She had opened the container (that was sealed) and opened the plastic bag.

Now, the container was sealed with a sticker. How she opened this I can only guess, but I am certain upon setting her mind to it, picking at a sticker with undisputed determination was no trouble at all.  Then the next piece.  This is the section I would like to discuss with you manufacturer of this wonderful kit.  It was an easy to open, resealable sandwich bag.  A SANDWICH BAG. You likely understand my was an easy to open baggie.  Not a sealed item, not at all something that would require say, ADULT SUPERVISION to get into easily.  Nope, a sandwich bag.

Upon picking up the darling to dump the pile of plaster off of her and onto our couch, I realized the plaster itself was literally increasing in volume and required cleanup.  There was vacuuming, wiping, washing, cleaning, bathing and more fun to be had in order to clean up the mess. The mess that came out of a SANDWICH BAG. Thank you for ensuring the bag was easy to open, really. I would have hated for her to have struggled at this.

Best wishes for continued success in creating priceless this one. Really.
Powdered Mommy

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