Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinterest Fail: April 2013

FAIL: Sugar Cookie Cups

Yeah, not so much.

To celebrate my Dad's birthday, among other things, I was trying to make the sugar cookie cups with plans to fill them with some pudding and then some chocolate chips and/or butterscotch chips.

I found an option on Pinterest that seemed to be a great way to make said cups.  No, just no.

The image on Pinterest was this.

A lovely block of steps to achieve the perfect sugar cookie cups.

It did not work.

I used the heating temp for the cookies based on the package, so perhaps that was my error.
I cooked them for about 8 minutes and when I opened the oven I found the following.  Not good.

I scraped, and scraped, and scraped and put all the pieces into a travel container and poured in some chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and then when I presented it to dear old Dad, added some whipped cream.

Ah well...if you know of a better way to make cookie cups, please pass it along!

This post is part of an effort in 2013 to do at least one Pinterest project a month. I'm very behind in posting - but here's my experiences so far!

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