Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainbows and Rain Drops

Summer storms are one of my favorite things.  I love the lightning and the thunder...when I'm safe and sound inside.  Unfortunately, you never know when something is going to happen, so you can't plan to be safe and sound ahead of time.  Take for example last Wednesday.  The crazy weather (that resulted in a tornado in neighboring towns) resulted in the trains being stopped during the storm.  And let me tell you, seeing the streets covered in water and the rain coming down so hard you can't see out the other side of the train is enough to freak out even the calmest person. 

Some of my fabulous fellow train passengers were great fodder for people watching as well as a study in people.  The individual that asked the conductor about 100 times when the train would start moving and if we were going soon.  So frustrating, because you know that the conductor is choosing to hold the train of course.  It's part of his evil plan to hold us all hostage on an elevated train stop in the middle of armageddon.  The young businessman that has to be somewhere immediately.  This individual is willing to take the conductor's offer to get off the train in the middle of the monsoon and walk to the nearby El train line.  Because where they have to go is important and not worth staying indoors for.  The helpful person...the one that is willing to console the panicked child or the uncertain father of the panicked child or the young adults unsure of what to do next.  All these pieces made up the puzzle of the train I rode. many down trees, so many damaged houses, fortunately, I don't believe anyone was hurt in the process.

The best part of the's result.  This beautiful double rainbow.  However, it was there for only a minute or two...but then it was gone.  More clouds rolled in and it wasn't there anymore.  So I'm so glad that I was able to see it. 

So even though the night was full of raindrops, thunder and lots of lightning, it ended well.  With rainbows in the sky and a great time with my family.  Thanks to Mom & sister for picking me up from the town I was stuck in. 

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