Monday, May 24, 2010

Friendship Defined

Three things make a great getaway: Good fun/drinks, interesting sites to see/visit and great company.

I was fortunate to benefit from all three this past weekend.  My gals, most notably my book club gals all decided we needed a getaway and we went to Michiana/New Buffalo, Michigan to one of the best rental houses EVER.  (Highly recommend it by the way -

We had a great time, visited some wonderful places, laughed a lot, read, relaxed and okay, we may have had a bit of wine and cocktails.  We also played a mean game of Euchre.  Overall, great times with some amazingly great gals.

An observation that I've made after this weekend and even today...great friends really are forever.  Even if you don't speak to someone for ten years, you can be there for them on the most important day of their lives.  Or you can be there to chat with someone every day and be there for them through all the minor and major dilemmas in their life.  Ultimately, friendship is just like a getaway, some great substance, interesting things to do and some fabulous company along the way.

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