Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Dog Stories and a Side Note

Hysteria...for me anyway. I hope you enjoy and if you don't, I am sorry. But for those with dogs - I am sure you'll appreciate occasions such as these.

1) Olive V. Shower - Olive doesn't like to be alone. I realize completely that this is my and hubby's fault. We really enjoy our dog and she likes being with us. This means she doesn't like when we aren't accessible. One of these occasions - when I shower. She likes to jump up and peer in to be sure I'm still there. Our tub is raised so it's unlikely (and a little difficult) for her to try to jump into the shower. However, I don't think she'll be doing this anytime soon. This week, I was in the shower and Olive was asleep on the bed, or so I thought. Sure enough, I hear her little collar jingle into the bathroom. And then a big thunk! Right in the shower goes the shampoo bottle on the edge. This is all combined with a scrapping so desperate and a tail end of buff fur flying from the room. Poor thing must have bumped the bottle when she jumped up to check things out. Olive is now afraid of the shower. Awesome. Let me be the first to realize how super fun bathing her will now be. Needless to say, I've moved the bottle.

2) Maternal Instinct V. Anything Else - Olive and I go for walks now - it's awesome. We are blessed with lovely walking paths nearby. On a separate note, the hubby and I have at least brought up the idea of becoming a larger family. As most possible mother's, I've always wondered if I'd be good at it, will I have that "maternal" instinct, etc. Well - I've got that covered. There was a loose dog on our recent walk. I didn't know I had shackles, but I do and they went up. Potentially ridiculous, I know. In an effort not to scare the dog I didn't scoop her up and run like hell. (For those of you that know me - like running would have gotten me far, seriously?) I walked smoothly, pulled her closer and off we went. No exciting end, but I was incredibly proud that I had that reaction. She's great - my little pup for sure!

3) Olive V. DVD Player - Sleepy Olive tonight and as she's snoozing, I start a movie. The DVD player opens and closes - apparently this signifies attack mode. Olive went straight up and straight back about two to three feet. All while growling viciously at said DVD player. This machine of the devil closed and Olive came over to let me know that she had killed the beast. Ah, how strange our world must seem to the simple, amazing creatures that dogs are.

And a side note...
The holidays are coming (there's nothing we can do about it) and yes, it's only about five weeks until Christmas. When looking through some possible shopping items for my loved ones I added an item to my wish list. Suggestions pop up upon adding said item - I added a RR spatula set. The suggested items included, a chic-lit book (okay), a set of RR pots & pans and of course - what all true chefs, RR fans or chic-lit type folks need - the idiot's guide to pole dancing and stripping. Honestly, these are all related and connected, I'm sure. I'm just not sure I want to know HOW they're connected.

P.S. - Twilight opens in eight days - EIGHT! I am so excited!! If you haven't read the books, read them, but be sure you have access to all four and the time to read. It's absolutely addicting! I am a complete dork for them and know that, but don't care!

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